Where and How to Buy a 1 Euro Home in Italy?

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Lately we’ve received many email inquiries about where to find a 1 Euro Home in Italy. What you find on the internet can often be confusing and sometimes suspicious. There’s been plenty of media attention too, but still, how do you find one and what can you expect to spend? Here’s some information and some links to the municipalities that offer or have offered 1 Euro Homes.

We’ll end the article with some feedback from people who we’ve talked to about buying a home in Italy.

UPDATE 2023: 1 Euro Homes in Sicily for Sale!

1 Euro Home Mussomeli historic area
Mussomeli historic center. © Shutterstock

Reality Check

You know the saying, “if it sounds too good to be true…?” Well, maybe it is. However, for the right person, living in a small Italian village may be a dream come true. Here’s some things to keep in mind:

1) A home sold for the symbolic price of 1 Euro will probably be a “ruin”. Expect that many won’t have a roof, or functioning (to code) plumbing and electricity. In some cases, the ‘as is’ condition is unsafe, making it impossible to enter and have a proper look. Also, find out if the town has adequate wifi if you plan on working remotely while living there.

2) ‘The 1 Euro Home Project ‘small town’ or ‘village’ usually means an ‘ancient, rural town’. Roads may be in disrepair or even nonexistent — think that donkeys were the primary source of transportation long ago, and some roads haven’t changed since then . You’ll more than likely, need a car plus, hope that the streets leading to your home are wide enough for one. Remember that the town won’t be near a train station or airport.

3) Be prepared to begin your renovation project within a year of purchase. Anticipate registration and permit fees, and potentially other costs depending on the municipality. You may be obliged to contract architects and builders that the comune assigns, or are from the town (which does support the local economy).

4) The municipality (‘comune’) will ask for a surety bond which typically is between €1000-€5000. It will expire by the end of the completed work which must usually be carried out within three years.

Restoring a Piece of History

Restoring a 1 Euro Home is a great thing to do if you are prepared for the hard work involved and comfortable that it is executed mostly, when you’re not there. Firstly, you are not just restoring a home, but helping an entire village return to its ancient splendor. These villages were abandoned by Italians who moved to larger cities or abroad. As a foreign retiree or someone looking for an adventure “off the beaten path”, your investment means that an area that is near extinction, can attract new investors and tourists.

Secondly, you’ll be part of giving an almost forgotten corner of the world, new life.

1 Euro Home: Salemi historic center
Salemi © Shutterstock

A Bit of History

According to a report in The Guardian, the initiative began in 2008 in Salemi, a town south of Palermo. The then Mayor Vittorio Sgarbi and his friend Oliviero Toscani initially offered run down homes for one euro to anyone who was able to restore them while maintaining their original characteristics and within two years. The current Mayor has since continued the project.

How to Bid for a 1 Euro Home

Downloadable forms are available on the Comune di Augusta website.

As difficult as it may be, contact directly the municipality that you are interested in. One of our contacts from the Comune Messina suggested that interested parties contact these municipalities (comuni pl; comune sing):

San Piero Patti
Sambuca di Sicilia – This website provides information about available homes.
Augusta – This website provides downloadable forms.
Città di Bivona
Piazza Armerina
Città di San Cataldo
Salemi – This website provides a link to an external site that offers information about 1 Euro Homes availability in this municipality.
Termini Imerese
Citta di Valguarnera Caropepe

Sambuca © Shutterstock

What Foreigners Who Live in Italy Say About 1 Euro Homes

“I think the golden rule in real estate is ‘location, location, location’… For those who are just interested in getting a property anywhere in Italy, are not focused on a specific area, and want to start life in Italy on a budget, then 1 Euro Homes can be great.” ~ Stephen & Ricardo of Villa Giara

“I think the 1 Euro Home Project is a great idea and it’s helping to revive some rural areas. However, even though the idea of snapping up a 1 Euro house might seem like a wonderful deal, I see several downsides…” Juliana of Wonderful Marche

“Probably they are not the best places for vacation rentals. There are 1 Euro properties that are in areas that are so unknown that no one wants to go there. Unless you are Italian and have family there, no one would ever think of those places.” ~ Daniele of Antoniella Real Estate

“We have seen an increasing number of applications, most likely due to some initiatives like the 1 Euro home programs.” ~ Marco of Italian Citizenship Assistance

“When we’re talking about 1 Euro Homes and depending on which municipality (because each one has their own way of doing it) you’ll find most homes are not actually 1 Euro – that is the starting opening bid. Many of these homes can go from a few thousand to 20 or 30 thousand Euros. ~ Rafael of Not Your Average Globetrotter

What We Suggest

Before you make a commitment, we suggest that you visit the town and potential home a few times and in different seasons. Stay for a while in the town and get to know the locals. Investigate the new tax incentives offered to retirees who settle in Sicily and certain areas of Southern Italy.

Talk to Us!

If you’re in the process of buying a 1 Euro Home or have renovated one, we’d love to hear from you. Send an email to lisa @ liveinitalymag.com.

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Lisa Morales


Based in Miami, I am the Editor-in-Chief for Live in Italy Magazine. I am a member of the International Food Wine Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) and contributor to internationally recognized art; food and wine; and travel publications. In my free time, I love to cook and bake; take photographs; go for nature walks; and run on the beach. I am WSET 2 Certified and working on the CSW. I look forward to getting to know you! Follow Us @LiveInItalyMag 🇮🇹.

    1. Hi Andrew! You would need to approach each Comune separately. We have provided some links in the article. However, in our experience they are difficult to reach by email. Try calling with the assistance of a translator. Good luck!

  1. Good day.j am very interesting in buying a house in Sicily ,please help me, where schools.j go next year who is in change of the papers and please send me some pictures of smaller house not further than 700 m from the sea My hear is dawn to my old roots bacause j am half Romany.if you can please send me pictures of some hause no larger than 40 guare meters thank you very mach. Maybe hause vicolo giinnino 18 case

    1. Hello! We are a magazine and do not sell homes from the site, nor are any of the real estate sources or people mentioned advertising with us. We just to provide as much information as possible. Please look through all of the real estate articles on our site and contact anyone who may be mentioned and who you think could be helpful. Thanks.

    1. Hi Amedeo. This article just provides some resource links for anyone interested in the 1 Euro Home Project. Unfortunately, we do not have direct contact with them or are they advertising with us. We’ll try to continue finding out more information and post it. Thanks for finding and reading Live in Italy Magazine.

  2. hello there.
    I am interested to buy a house here. I would like to invest more in this project. but I want fully security for this investment.

    1. Hi Zaric, We agree with you about wishing security for an investment. We are a magazine and not real estate advisors. We get many inquiries about 1 Euro Homes and provided some links in the article. However, when buying in a foreign country we recommend that you work with a trusted real estate agent or expert.

    1. Hi Andrew. We have written articles about buying a home in Italy and hopefully are in the process of providing more information on 1 Euro Homes. The only information we have received are some links from a few commune. You would have to contact them directly.

    1. Hi Andrew! We only posted links that were provided by each commune. However, we have been contacted by one commune that agreed to an interview. It is our goal to provide our readers with more information. It has been challenging to say the least.

  3. I want to buy 1 euro house where I can live my rest of ife peacefully and with some work and it would be better if it is near to city’s life and would be more better if there is naturist community or beach life .I’m from Bangladesh.

  4. Thank you for this. I am interested in this initiative and would like to be part of rescuing a village from ruin. I will start contacting the communities as you suggest and begin visiting in early Spring.

    1. Thanks John for your comment. Let us know your progress. We are working with a commune in Sicily now and hope to publish an update in late February. We also plan on opening a Facebook group forum for people wanting to live in Italy.

  5. Lisa,
    I am a UK resident and would be interested in buying a rundown property in Italy for 1 Euro.I have funds to renovate the property and would use local builders and architects.I have renovated many properties in the UK so have some experience.I do not intend to live in the property once it is renovated but hopefully rent it out.It needs to have an airport within an hours drive.
    Can you help please by putting me in touch with an agent that could handle the whole project for me.
    Thank you for your help.
    Nick Owen

    1. Hi Nicky, Thanks for your comment. We are trying to get ahold of someone who can give us some solid answers. The communes’ are difficult to reach. We finally found an American who originally tried to buy a 1 Euro Home, but then was frustrated and gave up. He finally bought a reasonable price home near Pisa for about 35K Euro. If you’d like us to connect you to realtors or lawyers with experience in purchasing a home, send me an email lisa @ live italy.com Also stay tuned for our next interview (March) where our ‘expat’ talks about the 1 Euro Home project.

  6. Lisa morales
    My name is Martin, so Hi
    I’m currently looking at the possibility of scouting a few areas of Italy with a view to purchasing possibly a 1 euro house although coastal and location a big wish list so the budget very likely to be 2 euros lol, play safe so to speak and double your budget.
    Any way I have really enjoyed the read you have created Lisa and think it informative for many of those unsuspecting individuals excited as I my self one week ago lol, how ever I am hoping to visit a few towns shortly with a view of refurbishing a property again as an investment for my adorable puppies, my son and daughter that is lol 34-32 bless ‘em, any way I will do my utmost to keep you updated with my progression and hope I can be a success story for you to make interesting reading for those looking to take the challenge, my name Martin blaize- Galbraith Uk kent
    Kindly yours

    1. Hi Martin! Thanks for your lovely comment. We are trying hard to get some solid answers from any Comune that is promoting 1 Euro Homes, but it’s difficult. We thought we finally had someone who had managed to purchase one and then he decided that it was just easier to buy a low cost home. 1 Euro is not really 1 Euro. We’ve heard from other people that you need to spend at least 35K Euros. We’ll soon start a Facebook group page to try and start a forum so people can add their feedback. Thanks for reading Live in Italy Mag!

  7. I am interested. Is there a requirement for foreigners to own ?and live abroad or specific countries participating?

  8. Dear lisa

    I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my interest in purchasing a house in Italy ( sicily ) and would appreciate your assistance in finding the perfect property. Italy has always captivated me with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture, making it an ideal place for me to call home.

    I saw the €1 offer and i am still hesitant and not sure if it is true , so Before we proceed further, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Afif el dada and I am currently residing in Lebanon ,

    would greatly appreciate it if you could provide me with a selection of available properties that match my criteria.

    Furthermore, I would be grateful for any additional information you could provide regarding the Italian property buying process, including legal requirements, taxes, and any other pertinent details I should be aware of as a foreign buyer.

    Warm regards

  9. Hi. We are presently in Sorrento on holiday and wondering if any of the properties you have on your radar are in this area with sea views. Thx

  10. I am interested in bying a home in Italy, e.g. Liguria – ideally from eherr one could see the sea.

  11. Hey there! So, I’m a French teacher, and my boyfriend finished his studies in Hungary. We’re a young couple really into European culture, and we’re thinking about living in Europe. We’re super interested in snagging one of those 1 euro houses in Italy. Do you know if there are any still available? Could you give us some more info on what steps we need to take? Thanks a bunch!

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