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We can help your business reach the right audience with our comprehensive and customized advertising packages. Over the last year, the tourism industry has been dramatically impacted. Therefore, the best marketing package that meets your needs begins with a conversation, not a generic, “one price fits all” advertising rate card.

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The following services are offered from the Live in Italy Magazine platform:

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Our team of experts can help you reach other markets through:

PR Strategy: Adapting your press release for the right audience and sending it out to major news outlets throughout the US.

Social Media Marketing: Let us handle your social media marketing and paid ad campaign.

Content Creation: We have a team of videographers, photographers and graphic designers in the United States and in Italy. (Our video editors in the US and Italy can ensure that your message effectively reaches the correct audience).

Influencer Marketing: We’ll find a suitable match for your needs by hiring talent in both the U.S. and Italy.

Media Buy: From designing your ads (print, radio, TV, digital) to negotiating the ad buy, our experts will help you design a campaign and track the results.

Build your authentic life in Italy! Live in Italy Magazine is an experiential lifestyle news site dedicated to anyone who has or will make Italy their home away from home. Read stories from expats and Italians.

We feature in-depth articles and interviews covering:

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Our Contributors:

Lisa Morales, Editor-in-Chief (Miami)
Christine Cutler, Travel Editor (St. Petersburg, FL)
Lorenzo Diamantini, Contributing Food Editor (Gubbio)
Matteo Zanni, Contributing Wine Editor (Emilia Romagna)
Adriana Suarez, Top 8 and Calendar Editor (Miami)
Maximillian Payne, Contributing Editor (London, UK)
Bel Woodhouse, Contributing Editor (Mexico)
Giulia Marchetti, Contributing Editor (Viterbo)
Karen La Rosa, Contributing Editor (New York)
Angie Kordic, Visual Arts Contributing Editor (Stockholm)
Julia Alzate, Spanish Language Correspondent (Food & Wine & Interior Design)

Al Esper Graphic Design: Digital Edition Art Director
SQLHardhat: Aaron Morales, Website Design and SEO
Visual Popcorn: John Craven, Video Editor


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