Honeymoon in Italy Ideas: 3 Unique Destinations

Italy is a popular honeymoon destination and has long been a favorite among newlywed couples. With its mouthwatering cuisine and breathtaking views, there’s no mystery behind its popularity. But as the volume of tourists continues to rise in Italy, one may be less inclined to honeymoon in a crowded place. Luckily, the country still has plenty of spots offering the same beauty and charm. If you’re dreaming of a honeymoon in Italy away from all the crowds, this is the article for you. So move over Rome, Venice, and the Amalfi Coast because I’ve got three idyllic destinations for you!


Terrace dining in the Suite Torre, © Il Moresco Hotel & Spa

Located in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia is a small volcanic island with a big personality. Often overlooked in favor of Capri and the Amalfi Coast, this is a dream honeymoon escape. It offers hot springs with mineral-rich waters, reputed for their healing benefits. A visit to the Poseidon Thermal Gardens is a must while on the island. Boasting 20 thermal pools, a natural sauna and a beach, it’s a pampering paradise!

But the island offers more than beaches and relaxation—it’s a cultural hot spot. It has something that appeals to every taste, from elegant shops to historic sites. If the latter interests you, be sure to visit the Aragonese Castle and take in the spectacular view! Ischia is also home to countless restaurants and cafes serving tasty dishes. And after hours of shopping and sightseeing, you’ll be glad for it. The island’s cuisine is famous for its marriage between surf and turf. It features freshly-caught seafood and locally-raised rabbit.

There are plenty of accommodation options to choose from on the island. Among them is Il Moresco Hotel & Spa, which offers a wide range of healing spa treatments. Here one can enjoy thermal sulfate water baths and therapeutic clay treatments. You can also opt for a relaxing massage or have a go at wine-therapy, known for its beauty and medicinal benefits. A vast selection of other spa packages are available, making it great for couples looking to unwind and recharge after their big day. 


Bird’s eye view of the resort grounds, © Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort 

Off the beaten path is Maremma, an area of southern Tuscany known for its rugged landscape. From charming medieval towns, to rolling hills and a breathtaking coastline, this is an ideal spot to honeymoon. Far removed from the tourist crowds of Florence, here you will enjoy an authentic taste of la dolce vita. But by no means is this a boring destination. Offering a wide range of sports, Maremma is ideal for couples who love to keep active. 

There are plenty of towns to visit while in Maremma, but Orbetello is among its most unique. Extending into a lagoon, it features palm trees and rare bird species, making it a popular choice for nature lovers. Seafood lovers will be delighted to sample local fare, which features options like bottarga, oysters, and eels! If you’re looking to sample Tuscan meat dishes, move inland to towns like Pitigliano and Sorano. Dating back to the Etruscan era, both are picturesque and a great option for those history lovers. Whether you visit the coast or move inland, be sure to sip the local wines, all equally exquisite!

The Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort is a great option for couples seeking a balance between recreation and relaxation. Away from over-tourism and mass industry, this five star resort is an oasis that spans 77 hectares. Boasting Italy’s only PGA-licensed golf facility makes this a haven for golf lovers. And if you want to experience Maremma in its entirety, be sure to book a horse riding experience. Couples can enjoy a romantic ride through olive groves, vineyards, and along the coastline. You can also enjoy a wide range of spa services and make the most of a fully-equipped fitness center. Finally, the onsite dining options are an absolute delight! Using locally-sourced, organic ingredients, the food (and wine) is both healthy and delicious. 


Gourmet creations by a chef with three Michelin stars, © Villa Crespi via Facebook 

Northern Italy is famous for its lakes, with Como and Garda being the most popular. But if you’re looking for romantic ambience, away from all the tourist crowds, you need to visit Lake Orta. Located in Piedmont, the area has a dreamy atmosphere thanks to its lush forests and nearby mountains. It’s also characterized by delicious cuisine, quaint towns, and elegant gardens. This is a great spot for couples who are looking to relax while savoring life’s finest pleasures. 

Orta San Giulio is the most famous of the area’s towns, known for its cobblestone roads, pastel-colored buildings, and charming cafes. You can enjoy lakefront dining with a front row view of Isola San Giulio, home to a Benedictine monastery known for its meditative environment. Meanwhile, a stroll through the gardens of Villa Motta can be both peaceful and romantic. They feature more than 250 varieties of camellias, which are in bloom year-round. Once you’ve had your fix of nature and the area’s picturesque views, you’ll want to feed your appetite. Luckily, Lake Orta is in Piedmont, home to Italy’s famed slow food movement. This means couples in search of a gourmet experience can drive south towards Le Langhe to enjoy Barolo wine. The options in this region are endless!

But you won’t have to travel very far for a gourmet experience if you choose to stay at Villa Crespi. At the helm of the hotel’s divine dining experience is Antonino Cannavacciuolo. Holding three Michelin stars, he’s considered Italy’s most famous chef. And after sampling his creations, guests will know why! All this is set in a lavish 19th-century villa featuring arabesque architecture, making it nothing short of stunning. The hotel can arrange day tours to Le Langhe, to allow couples to enjoy Barolo wine and the local truffles. But if you’re a couple looking to relax, Villa Crespi offers a range of wellness services. From a couples massage with grape seed oil to a face massage, there are plenty of rejuvenating options to choose from. 

Justin Patulli

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Justin Patulli is a freelance travel and food writer with a lifelong passion for Italy. Driven by a love for his heritage, he enjoys teaching people more about Italy and its regional diversity. Through his writing he aims to paint a picture in his readers’ minds and momentarily transport them to Italy. Prior to his career in magazine writing and content marketing, he worked in the travel industry. This has had a profound influence on his work, allowing him to understand the dilemmas faced by the ordinary traveller

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