Mariarosaria Stigliano “I Racconti della Luna” Opens in Rome

Opening Reception is Friday, October 8th at Gallery Edarcom Europa

Mariarosaria Stigliano ’s exhibition “I Racconti della Luna” will be inaugurated at the Gallery Edarcom Europa on October 8th. The exhibition continues and through October 23rd.

Mariarosaria Stigliano FINESTRA SULLA NOTTE
Mariarosaria Stigliano FINESTRA SULLA NOTTE © Artist/Gallery Edarcom Europa

Stigliano’s selection of works retrace her pictorial production over the last decade. An important nucleus of recently realized paintings will be placed side by side with older works. This structure allows the visitors to witness the different evolutionary phases of her artistic expression.

Throughout Stigliano’s career, she has never lost her points of reference: urban landscapes wrapped in the lights of the night and the non-places of  intimate reflections linked to memory and the realm of dreams.

PERIFERIA, olio pigmenti e smalti su tela, 80x80cm, 2019

If in the first works the dialogue between the black of the graphite and the cold white and green hues of an alienating filter dominates, what appears to be in continuous evolution is the constant conquest of the happy awareness of a wide palette of new lights and warm colors.

Stigliano, despite her still early exhibition career, can already boast a substantial number of exhibitions dedicated to her work found in public and private spaces in Italy and abroad.

The exhibition is curated by Francesco Ciaffi.

SUL LAGO, olio, pigmenti e smalti su tela, 80x120cm, 2019

Exhibition Detaiils

Mariarosaria Stigliano | I Racconti della Luna
Opening Reception: Friday October 8 at 5pm
Closes: 23 October 2021
Galleria d’Arte Edarcom Europa
Via Macedonia, 12, Rome

Hours: MON – SAT 10:30am/1pm – 3:30pm-7:30pm
06.7802620 –

Access is free but to no more than six people at a time. It is compulsory to wear the mask correctly and to keep a distance of at least one meter from the others.

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