Massimo Pulini Curates Frascione Gallery’s Inaugural Exhibition in Palm Beach

Old Masters, Contemporary, and Modern Art: Art transcends time and place.

“Timelessness” Opens on February 13th

Frascione Gallery, Palm Beach Florida’s newest art gallery,  presents its inaugural exhibition “Timelessness” featuring rare Old Masters, Modern, and Contemporary paintings and sculptures. Curated by Massimo Pulini in partnership with Aria Art Gallery in Firenze (Florence), “Timelessness” explores how art transcends time and place. Art never ceases to tell different stories to everyone and this narrative is tied to a remote time and distant geography. The exhibition aims to serve as a laboratory for researching these connections, giving rise to dialectical forms between the past and present, near and remote. 

“Timelessness” Opens for Valentine’s Day on Via Amore!

The exhibition opens on February 13th in anticipation of an influx of visitors to Palm Beach, Florida’s renowned luxury shopping and dining destination for Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day weekend. “Timelessness” runs through Saturday, March 30th. Frascione Gallery is located in the beautiful Via Amore courtyard on Worth Avenue — Palm Beach’s exclusive luxury shopping, dining, and resort destination. The courtyard is reminiscent of their historic location on Via Maggio in Firenze.

Pulini’s Curation Fosters Dialogues Between Old Masters and Contemporary Paintings

Benvenuto di Giovanni (Siena, 1436-1518), Madonna with Child, St. John the Baptist, and St. Jerome (ca. 1475-1480) and Carole Feuerman (USA, 1945), Chrysalis, gold (2019)

Many works that Pulini has selected for the show are by Italian Masters and contemporary artists including:

Girolamo Forabosco (Venice, ca. 1605 – Padua 1679);
Nicola Samorì (Italy, 1977);
Carlo Dolci (Florence, 1616-1687);
Ettore Frani (Italy, 1978);
Giovanni Battista Vanni (Florence, 1599 – Pistoia, 1660);
Fabrizio Corneli (Italy, 1958);
Master of the Scandicci Lamentation (Florence, late 15c. early 16c.;
Salustiano (Spain, 1965);
Giuliano Bugiardini (Florence, 1476-1555);
Diango Hernandez (Cuba, 1970);
Benvenuto di Giovanni (Siena, 1436-1518);
Carole Feuerman (USA, 1945);
Evangelista di Pian di Meleto (ca. 1460 – Urbino, 1549);
Michelangelo Bastiani (Italy, 1979).

“The world, human existence and art have ancient wounds – an original sin that binds us and around which we can recognize ourselves.”

Massimo Pulini

Frascione Debuts at The Palm Beach Show

Additionally, Frascione Gallery makes its debut at the 21st edition of the The Palm Beach Show at Booth 400/501. The Palm Beach Show will take place from February 15 – 20th (President’s Day Weekend) at the Palm Beach Convention Center.

Here too, visitors can encounter both Old Master paintings alongside Modern and Contemporary works including among others:

Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio (Florence, 1483-1561);
Louis Finson (ca. 1607, Belgium/Amsterdam);
Agostino Beltrano (Naples, 1607-1656);
Guglielmo Sansoni aka TATO (Bologna/Rome);
Duilio Cambellotti (Italy);
Lo Scheggia (San Giovanni Valdarno, 1406 – Florence, 1486);
Ottavio Vannini (Florence, 1585-1643);
Charles Lebayle (Paris, 1856-1898);
Fabio Viale (Italy); Reynier Llanes (Cuba);
Salustiano (Spain);
Federico Uribe (Colombia);
Szymon Oltarzewski (Poland);
Ben Sack (United States);
Francesco Botti (Florence, 1645-1711).

Designing with Old Masters and Contemporary Art

Frascione Gallery in partnership with Sandra Diaz-Velasco, R.A., Principal Architect, Eolo A&I Design present, “Designing with Old Masters and Contemporary Art” at 12:00 pm on Friday, February 16th. The lecture is part of The Palm Beach Show‘s programming. Explore how an art collection, blending Old Masters with Contemporary Art, can convey emotions that transcend the boundaries of time. Create a distinguished home or office by facilitating a unique dialogue between Art, Architecture, and Interior Design.

The lecture is free. RSVP here.

About Massimo Pulini

Massimo Pulini, who was born in Cesena, Italy, is an Italian painter and art historian. He teaches painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna and is considered to be one of the most influential art historians in the field of both national and international art. Pulini has published several essays about, in particular, artists of the 1600s. He is also the consultant for the Luigi Koelliker’s collection, one of the most important private collections of 17th century European paintings. In 2011 he published his first novel, along with some monographs on 17th century artists. He has written several historical books about the artists of the 1600s.

About Frascione Gallery

Established in 1893 by Enrico Frascione, a renowned art collector and dealer, the Frascione collection specialized in European paintings from the 14th to 17th century, with a notable focus on the Renaissance. Now in its fourth generation, Federico Gandolfi Vannini, leads the family legacy.

Under Gandolfi Vannini’s stewardship, Frascione Palm Beach made its debut in February 2024, harmonizing Old Master paintings with Modern and Contemporary artworks, fostering captivating dialogues between eras and schools of thought. Frascione Gallery offers tailored consultations for collectors and designers.

Renowned for its participation in prestigious art fairs such as TEFAF New York, Paris Fine Art and the Florence Biennale BIAF, Frascione expands its cultural footprint to the Palm Beach Show, marking its inaugural show in South Florida and aiming to influence the artistic landscape across the Americas. Multiple publications and collaborations with art historians underscore the gallery’s commitment to academic contributions.

The gait of a dance step unites two works with opposite meanings: the trophy of victory and death is contrasted with a gift of light.

Massimo Pulini

Frascione Gallery (Palm Beach)
256 Worth Avenue
Via Amore, Suite O
Palm Beach, FL
Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday appointments upon request.

Frascione Arte (Firenze)
Palazzo Ricasoli Firidolfi
Via Maggio 5
50125 Florence, Italy
Tuesday – Saturday mornings, 9 am to 1 pm
Tuesday – Friday afternoons, 3 pm to 6 pm

The Palm Beach Show

February 15 – 20th (including President’s Day Weekend)
Palm Beach Convention Center
650 Okeechobee Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

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